Why Rainbow Events

Why Rainbow Events?
The Rainbow Events in aid of CANCERactive campaign was so called after the book written by Chris Woollams, the founder of CANCERactive.

The Rainbow Diet – and how it can help you beat cancer is now in its 3rd edition and is the result of ten years of study and research into facts on food and all sorts of diets that can help people build a cancer diet that can prevent, and also correct, if they already have the disease. Built on the evidence of the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, the phrase The Rainbow Diet was coined to reflect the colour spectrum of the array of foods and bioactive natural compounds that can make up an optimum diet. Those of us working on the campaign decided that it was a perfect way to describe the array of events that people could stage to help and support the fundraising – make it colourful, make it fun, make it what you enjoy doing and make it contribute to the overall good! The Rainbow Diet is more about what you add into your weekly meals than what you leave out. By holding, or participating in a Rainbow Event, or by giving a donation, you are adding vital support to CANCERactive’s work. Go for it. To pledge an event or give a donation, go to

We have now added a download to the site which details the colourful variety of foods recommended for the Rainbow Diet (The Rainbow Foods). Our aim is to produce a recipe book using these ingredients, so please upload your recipe suggestions. Eating healthy should never be boring!